August 2016

Cant's into Cans; Nos into Maybes; Procrastinations into Achievements; and perhaps the biggest of all for me was Respond rather than React. All the others form part of that last one and Wow, Pay it Forward can be lots of fun, too. 

In our 50s, 60, 70s and even 80s (and hopefully we have learned by then) we stand somewhat united on something that you can't buy or have taken from you... that is your sense of worth, worthiness to stand tall and willingness to be counted. We have attained the abilities to share, to listen, to understand, to take time to think -(not just hear), and to want to be the best person regardless of age or status. 

When I first met Dorothy, she was calmly warming a room with her smile and passion for her work. She volunteered to speak with seniors (or at least I think we were all seniors - who knows) we are all so young at heart. What I heard she was saying made sense and encouraged me to 'think beyond the words. She was a real tool in changing the way I viewed things.

Dorothy offers a background of experience and life stories, she held a captive audience and recommended lots and lots of books that we have time to read if we are serious about the desire to change to ACHIEVE our true selves, finally and begin to Pay it Forward. I can honestly say my communication with people, everyone - including silently to myself, has improved. I'm enlightened about me and about others and Wow a light bulb that doesn't actually need changing!

Be positive, be happy and don't give up on anything you want to change. It is truly amazing how many opportunities will come your way when you just share light and love. 

Thank you, Dorothy. 

Marianne J, Perth WA

July 2016

I first attended one of Dorothy's presentations in Fremantle earlier this year, where she was speaking at a Positive Ageing Forum. To my surprise and delight, Dorothy was not only inspirational, but entertaining and thought provoking. She really helped me to see that growing older doesn't mean life has to become boring and predictable. I recommend her to everyone who needs encouragement as they grow older. 

Mary Kingston


June 2016

My parents encouraged me to think of myself as a winner. But the idea of success became confusing when I started school. I was taught that I had an inability to concentrate and remember what my teachers were saying. I was bullied and made to become the class idiot.

I was finally diagnosed as dyslexic at aged 45. 

For many years I worked by myself to find the key to release the tension and fear of failure, although I have many natural talents where success came easily. Dorothy taught me to overcome my biggest fear and extract all the past hurts of school days.

Dorothy was the perfect teacher for me because dyslexic people see and comprehend quickly when taught with compassion. When looking at personal patterns and reactive behaviour I learned why I reacted the way I did. 

Before our first meeting, I felt the old, familiar sensations of heat, fear of failure and a racing heart, knowing I was to interact with a professional. Then my gratitude to Dorothy peeked as she explained that 'Even with my imperfections, I am enough'! This took place in less than a minute. 

Dorothy showed me that loving myself was the first key. I am a happy person but that lesson for me was the hardest. Now I think of myself as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. I was exhilarated to think of my imperfections as gifts. Seeing myself in a new light makes me free of traditional thinking. 

People have noticed the amazing change of confidence in me. The new Me is relaxed and it isn't surprising that my memory is returning. Finding a Life Coach was the best way for me to move forward. 

Dorothy, you are a gifted teacher. I am grateful to you and filled with joy for your flexibility. Finding the right way to teach a dyslexic person would be one of the hardest and most rewarding tasks, not to mention the challenge you have had! 

In my eyes, you're a winner!

Ann Betty Martyn


April 2016

I have been trying to get my life and life disciplines in place on my own for quite a few years. I was just doing OK, then Dorothy started to coach me with great results.

I have likened it to baking a cake. I had all the ingredients and was able to put it all together (almost). But there was still something missing, the final bake off and the icing.

Dorothy, with her amazing encouragement, prompting and insight into areas where I was lacking, was able to get me thinking and putting my goals and heart's desires into perspective and order. 

Thank you, Dorothy, I'm loving it, not perfect yet, but well on the way!

Sandie Holmes

January 2013


I initially signed up for weekly and then fortnightly coaching sessions with Dorothy as a gift to myself.  I coach women and remind them of the importance of taking time for themselves, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t doing this for myself!

I also often felt overwhelmed and seemed to have a long list of things I “should” do, yet many of those things kept getting put off.  I felt like I was really getting nowhere fast.

It was quite refreshing to sit down and work out goals in each area of my life (not just work!).  I was surprised during this process to reflect and come to the conclusion of what things were important to me, and also what really was not important.  I think the process helped to clarify where I wanted to be in each aspect of my life.  It also became very clear I was really neglecting myself.  I knew if I wanted things to change, I would need to do things differently.

I found the coaching sessions were something I looked forward to.  They kept me accountable, and yet I never felt judged or pressured at all.  It is good to have someone non judgemental  to listen, and to provide support during times of stress, to clarify and remind me of where I wanted to go, and to often remind me of my progress and how far I had come.

Dorothy felt after some time had elapsed that she was not needed by me, as I seemed to be going ahead in leaps and bounds.  However, as the end of last year approached, I decided I really would benefit from resuming the sessions.  Already I am more focussed and have a structure for achieving what I want.  And I know I am getting there! 

I find Dorothy to be a good source of strength, support and encouragement, and I would recommend her Coaching service to anyone who wants to do something for themselves, and to plan for a fabulous year.


Sharon Edwards

Proprietor Curves Cannington and Curves Canning Vale



 June 2013


Dear Dorothy, 

I am still enjoying the fruits of our working together in Life Coaching and now feeling very content with myself and my life.

Thanks again for your skills in guiding me through this most interesting and helpful process.  Thinking back over our six sessions I find the most impressive thing is how clearly you were able to diagnose the core issues that were at the heart of my discontent.

I used to work things through logically, but when I met you I was agitated and confused and unable to find a way out.  You simplified my ‘static’ and helped me distill the agitation to form some simpler and achievable goals.

I wouldn’t have been able to make progress on my own either!  You were great at keeping me on track and also sifting through “all the talk” to work out what to keep, what to leave for later and what to focus on.  You were always spot on with those.

So, thank you again for your work, your patience, your perceptions and your genuine interest in me and the next step for my life!  I feel so much lighter and more content as well as more optimistic about the future now.


Nerise, Perth, WA



Letter of Recommendation for Dorothy James Life Coaching

 November 2013

Life Coaching could be helpful to anyone. With all the conflicting demands and changes in our lives these days, most people find themselves in situations where they could use some help to clarify what is most important and figure out some strategies to move in that direction.

Dorothy is a good listener, she sits beside rather than over you. She has experienced many life challenges herself so she isn’t going to give you superficial advice.

A way forward doesn’t always appear immediately, old habits take a little while to become clear, the real problem may not be what you think.

In my case, it wasn’t that I wasn’t working very hard at many things, but I was so unrealistic that it was impossible to achieve what I set out for myself. Oh and then there are the distractions…..

Learning to accept and appreciate who you are is also part of the coaching process.

I would recommend Dorothy James to walk beside you for a short while or however long it takes to get back your focus and set up the structure to succeed.

Lesli Grant, Wilson, Western Australia


March 2010

I met Dorothy after coming across her brochure at my Doctor’s surgery in August 2009. I had a real need to be able to talk with someone who was “neutral” in my life to gain perspective of where I was heading. I felt as if I was going round in circles and not achieving anything in the short or long term …. I needed a rope.

Dorothy helped me clarify the issues in my life which needed attention. She is a caring and perceptive listener with a wealth of knowledge. I was charged into action WITH accountability.

I now look back over the past 7 months and can see just how much I HAVE achieved! Dorothy has given me confidence that I CAN tackle issues that I would rather avoid but know that I shouldn’t. The experience of working with Dorothy has been truly life changing and I highly recommendher as a Life Coach.

Catherine, Perth WA


June 2009

I had the privilege of doing a 12 week Coaching series with Dorothy in 2008/2009.
This was an invaluable opportunity which enabled me to have a truer and more realistic perspective of myself. Dorothy has a patient and guilt- free approach, a very encouraging style and is such an intuitive listener. She asked me questions which I was avoiding asking myself and brought great perspective to my situation with her own life of wisdom.

I am still under my own “renovation process” … yet now have the confidence to ask honest questions of my behaviour and attitudes and am continuing to take actions to achieve my life goals. Dorothy has helped me foster the courage I now have to live a fuller, happier life. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach as she walks her own talk!

Wendy, Perth, WA


August 2005

I found Life Coaching very helpful and really appreciated Dorothy’s encouragement every week. It was good to have her getting alongside me and keeping me focused on my goals even when the going was tough and I felt like giving up! Dorothy is a great coach and very supportive. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Rachel, Melbourne Victoria


September 2004

Thanks Dorothy! My life has totally changed for the better. I will never be the same again.

Denise, Northern Ireland 


March 2003

My life coaching experience with Dorothy has been truly inspirational and life changing.

Robyn, Toronto, NSW


November 2002

Thank you for making such a wonderful contribution to my life. You have been an encouraging, supportive and genuine influence in a period of significant change and uncertainty. Many thanks and much love.

Kylie, Newcastle, NSW


 September, 2002

I wanted to truly acknowledge the fine effort and the difference you have made for me as my coach.

Gabrielle, Cardiff, NSW.