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Dorothy James Life Coaching; ABN: 28 851 741 686 – Services provided


My passion is to empower people to turn their CANT’S INTO CANS AND DREAMS INTO PLANS!  I help you clarify the issues in your life which need your attention, and provide ongoing support, encouragement and accountability for you to achieve your personal goals.

My business is mobile, servicing clients all over Perth, and my one-to-one coaching sessions can be run at your own home or in a nearby coffee shop.


 Step 1 - Discovery Session:  30 – 45 minutes  -   Complimentary

 This provides an opportunity for both myself as coach and you as a potential client to get a feel for whether or not we connect and could work well together. The session is designed to identify your areas of concern and uncover your dreams.

 Step 2 – Goal Setting Session:  I and ½ hours  -  Cost $50.00

Goals are dreams with deadlines. As your coach I will work with you in this session to define the goals that are important to you. It will involve taking an overview of your life and then selecting three main areas in which to set inspirational goals you want to achieve within 3 – 4 months. Your three primary goals will become the foundation for the six session coaching series to follow.

Step 3 – Coaching Series:   Six 1 and ½ hour Sessions – Total Cost $300.00 (can be paid @ $50.00 per session)

Once your primary goals are established, the fortnightly coaching sessions will involve planning and implementing the practical steps you will need to take in order to achieve each goal. My coaching will be focused on your needs, and empowering you to develop productive new skills and habits that will support you in being the best you can be.

Step 4 – Monthly Maintenance Session:  1 and ½ hours – Cost $50.00

On completion of a coaching series you may wish to continue receiving support, encouragement and accountability on a monthly basis to maintain what you have achieved. Alternatively you may decide to commit to a further Coaching Series.